M4Water Data
The DWMIS is a centralised yet customised Information system that provides information relevant for management of water operations at the district and analysis of district needs. Once information has been received, it can be viewed by the DWO who gets a customized screen of the status in the district. A more summarised regional and national outlook together with integration with WATSUP is yet to be undertaken. This application can be accessed via the web using the link:Here the status of water points is mapped and can be viewed. Users are able to visualize information about water points, functionality, management and inspection on a district map in addition to downloading data in CSV format for further processing and analysis.
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M4W Project Outcomes
  • Ability to monitor water sources
  • Reduce response-time to watersystem failures
  • Determining the areas of need
  • Water Aid Uganda
  • Enhancing transparency
  • Reducing the costs of data collection
  • The project provided and piloted a mechanism of labeling water points
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